We Have Moved

posted on 03rd May 2021

It took a while but we have moved and are fully open.

We had to wait a very long time for the planning permission to go through, but we finally moved just down the road from the Wincombe centre to Westcountry Practice at the start of this year. It took a bit longer than we thought (especially with a couple of lockdowns), but we are now back in full swing with our purpose-built tutoring rooms.

Whilst we loved being at the Wincombe centre, we always felt uncomfortable with not being able to control the safeguarding of the other offices in the building.  Even though all Westcountry SEN’s tutors and staff have DBS checks (enhanced police checks), we could never guarantee that other office visitors were the same and, on most days, there were lots of people coming and going.

Westcountry Practice is completely different. It is a purpose-designed children’s and young person centre. There are various types of tutors working there along with other child professionals (such as child counsellors and therapists). Everyone who works there is focused on supporting children and young people, it really does have a lovely atmosphere.

There is a reception area where Westcountry Practice’s receptionist – Skye is always happy to see parents and their children. We struggled before with not having a receptionist, Skye makes it easy for people with appointments to come and go from the building and for young children to be safe while waiting for their parents. Westcountry Practice’s waiting room is a comfortable place for parents and guardians to wait, complete with free wi-fi and comfy chairs, it’s a lot better than where we were before.

Westcountry Practice is easy to find, its on the main street within the Longmead industrial estate. Whilst it might seem noisier than the Wincombe centre from the outside, its 1950’s style thick walls create a really calm and peaceful environment once you’re inside.

If you would like to look around as a parent or as a children’s professional who might want to move all or some of your private practice here, I know the staff at Westcountry Practice would be happy to show you around. There are 6 fully furnished rooms for child professionals to work from. Westcountry Practice has a strict criterion regarding DBS checks, but they can organise those for you too.

Please do call 01747 359054 and arrange an appointment.

So far, all students, tutors and parents have been much happier now we have moved to a purpose-designed building.

Westcountry SEN can now be contacted at the following address.

Westcountry Practice

Unit 8, First Floor




Our phone number is still the same 01747 859102



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