Attachment Issues

Being securely attached is what makes people feel safe in the world. When children feel safe and secure they are relaxed with their learning. They also engage well with teachers and their peers in the classroom.

When children have attachment issues, they struggle with the absence of that safe feeling. They are often in a sense of distress and will have high levels of the stress hormone called cortisol crawling through their body. they are often hyper-vigilant looking for ways to control this state of inner distress.

These feelings of distress and emotional stress dilute academic achievement, as the emotional world of the child creates a limit to learning. In the classroom children with attachment issues can often:

– Struggle to trust others especially authority figures, e.g. the tutors
– Struggle with the one to one nature of the tutoring relationship
– Feel the need to be in control wherever they can and become hypervigilant and distressed if they perceive they’re losing that control.
– Be overly affectionate with strangers, or the opposite, and be unable to accept any kindness such as praise
– Be overly self-sufficient and charming to hide inner feelings of self-hatred
– Having a short attention span or processing problems when trying to learn
– Unable to take turns Oh share when undertaking tasks
– Regularly showing signs of low mood and depression
– Seeking attention in negative ways rather than praise
– Unable to be truly relaxed when learning
– Seeming to sabotage or wreck tuition that’s taking place
– Appearing regressed, or emotionally young for their age

Tuition must be delivered by specialists who are trained in attachment difficulties and how this can show in a child’s behaviour.

How we can help

Our tutors work with the child’s attachment disorders and weave the learning around the child’s struggles, minimising distress whilst engaging the child in the learning. We always have compassion for the child and their attachment issues and become a supportive role model that’s consistent and predictable.

We work out what the triggers are for your child, and Taylor the learning and tuition in such a way that minimises your child being triggered.

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