Processing Problems

In order to learn, we need to take the information into our minds, make sense of that information and store it away inside our heads for future use.

Processing problems are to do with taking that information in and making sense of it. The processing can sometimes be slower, so a child can get left behind when learning in a classroom. Tutors need to adjust the learning pace to the child’s cognitive speed.

Some children have difficulty processing sounds, so they struggle to make sense of what is said to them. These children need tuition that supports the quality of verbal and auditory sounds around them.

Then there are other types of processing difficulties that are easier to think of as loud background noise. A bit like if you’re trying to have a conversation in a very loud and busy place, you might have to strain to hear what the other person is saying – if you can hear them at all. Some children have a lot of noise inside of them. This could be for many reasons, but some of the common ones are anxiety, relationship difficulties and putting too much pressure on themselves to be perfect.

Our Specially trained tutors will work with your child’s processing issues and tailor the information so your child can process in the way that they need to learn, helping your child thrive and achieve.

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