Low confidence

Children and young people with low confidence in their schoolwork or academic ability really struggle with their education. Educational activities, whether it’s homework, assignments or exams all get tinted with the self-belief thoughts saying they won’t be able to succeed.

Low confidence is far more than needing some help to learn new things or catching up on missed schoolwork. As both of those things could just require a tutor to teach them or to fill in the gaps

Instead, low confidence is where the child or young person does not have the belief they can achieve. Instead, they have firm beliefs they cannot learn and will be humiliated if they try. For some students this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning if they firmly believe they cannot achieve in a subject, they probably won’t. As humans, we don’t normally attempt to prove ourselves wrong. Instead, we behave in a way that makes us right.

Our tutors are skilled at enabling children and young people to build internal confidence by using a feedback approach in the tutoring sessions, this challenges and alters this fixed internal belief. We strive to enable all children to believe in their own educational abilities and to approach new tasks with confidence.

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