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SEN Spelling Tutor & Tuition


SEN Spelling Tutor & Tuition

When children have problems with spelling, it affects all areas of their education across all the academic years.

Younger children begin to shut down and not express their imaginative ideas. As they age this can turn into frustration and educational withdrawal. Older children lose vital marks in their exams and often apply harmful strategies to cover up spelling difficulties. Our SEN spelling tuition can can help.

Spelling difficulties cause students to lose confidence and willingness in their written work. These children only write a few sentences and then stop, compared to children of the same age who write paragraphs.

Some children who are embarrassed by their spelling will always use basic vocabulary and safe words. This means the course-specific vocabulary needed for GCSE’s and beyond will always be out of reach or not attempted. Other children will disguise the spelling with messy handwriting.

Frustration can build for children when they are not able to articulate their thoughts. This then becomes a general dislike of literacy and English as a subject.

Spelling is a complex skill. As with all things complex, there is more than one way to approach it. We have a variety of techniques to support with spelling; it isn’t a one-size-fits-all skill.
Depending on the age of the child, or how that child learns best, our tutors use multiple techniques to improve spelling. This is particularly important if your child has dyslexia or processing difficulties.

We use the following techniques depending on what your child needs to provide SEN spelling tuition.

Phonemic awareness
Spelling rules
Non-word syllables
Sequencing skills
Tactile Spelling
Context-Dependent Spelling
Visualisation Spelling
Meanings within words
Deeper levels of Processing

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