SEN Dyslexia Tutor & Tuition

There is no doubt that children with dyslexia have a more difficult time in our education system than children who do not have dyslexia. However, with proper dyslexia support & SEN tuition, there is no reason why dyslexia should hold a child back or stop them from achieving.

At Westcountry SEN we specialise in SEN dyslexia maths tuition from tutors that meets the needs of all children. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. We ensure each child who has dyslexia gets personalised SEN tuition that is solely designed to meet the needs of your individual child. We are experts in Dyslexia maths also.

Our dyslexia maths tuition has two main strands.

SEN Dyslexia tuition:
This is SEN tuition that assesses your child’s dyslexia learning needs. Then provides age-appropriate academic support designed to manage the dyslexia symptoms occurring in the classroom and when learning at home. By age-appropriate, we mean that younger children may need support mastering reading, writing, spelling and literacy. Whereas older children may still need this support, but also how to write essays, revision and answer exam questions. Older A level students might need more of an in-depth study skills type tuition and essay writing.

Subject tuition with a qualified dyslexia tutor:

Dyslexia Maths

Many students who have dyslexia find it incredibly hard to learn in the classroom the same as their peers would. there can occasionally be gaps in the learning where concepts or instructions can be missed, which causes difficulties as the subject continues. Some children may need help organising their work and have support to digest the subject. Whatever the need, our  SEN dyslexia tutors can tutor their subject in a dyslexia focused way that enables your child to achieve their potential.

We can provide specialised dyslexia maths tuition in our Blandford and Shaftesbury practice, in your home or via our interactive online whiteboard.

We also support adults who want to conquer their dyslexia with one-to-one Special Educational Needs Tuition.

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