Emotional Issues

Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties need lots of support and interventions to help them self-manage and regulate their emotions and behaviour.

Additionally, children who easily struggle with their emotions can fall behind with their schoolwork very easily, and once they are behind, it’s hard for them to catch up, which creates greater emotional pressures and challenges.
Additionally, the schoolwork, in general, can become an emotional or behavioural trigger for some children.

These children require skilled tuition that can help the child self-regulate and manage their feelings and behaviours when faced with schoolwork that causes them the initial difficulty.

Westcountry SEN’s tutors provide tuition that is compassionate to a child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties and skilled in supporting your child to learn despite those difficulties.

Sophie’s story.

Sophie came to Westcountry SEN after her parents struggled with homework and general school-related issues. Sophie would become very tearful which would quickly lead her to become overwhelmed and beyond consoling every time homework was attempted. At school, Sophie would cry easily and come home from school exhausted most days.

We worked with Sophie and carefully built up the resilience that she was struggling with. We helped her gain confidence in making mistakes and helped her begin to try things she wasn’t sure of. This newfound confidence helped Sophie become braver when trying new tasks and her general learning blossomed.

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