Behavioural Issues

When children are in trouble a lot, have multiple exclusions or expulsions, it’s easy to see them as children with behaviour issues or having difficulty with impulse control. Rarely is the behaviour viewed simply as communication for educational difficulties.

In our experience, most children who present as having behaviour issues only at school had some underlying academic problem driving school-related behaviour.

Our tutors will work hard to find out what that academic issue is and help support your child gain confidence, become more capable and become calmer at school.

Ben’s story.

Ben came to Westcountry SEN at the age of 10. By that time in his schooling, he had been expelled from two schools.  We quickly learnt from working with Ben he had severe difficulty reading, spelling, and articulating his ideas. However, what was important about Ben, was he was unable to tolerate the feelings of frustration and shame this caused him, so he acted out with bad behaviour to manage the situation.

We worked with Ben for 6 months. We helped him realise he had potential and we were extremely sensitive to Ben’s feelings. Ben quickly began to work with us and began reading and writing, improving from session to session.

Ben stayed in his third school and his behaviour calmed down, he soon became a pleasure to be around in his classroom and begin making good friendships.

It’s never too late to help a troubled child like Ben. Do get in touch if your child is struggling with their behaviour at school.

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