Writing Tuition

SEN Writing Tuition

To be able to write is to be able to bring together lots of skills at the same time. Think of driving a car, You need some dexterity and coordination to use the pedals and steering wheel at the same time. Add in when to change gear and the movements that go with that along with the rules of the road, spatial awareness and the whole time knowing where you are going.

Writing also involves lots of skills: the physical dexterity to move the pen or pencil in your hand, the rules of grammar and punctuation, spelling, sentence construction and working memory to hold in your mind what you want to write about.

When children are struggling with their writing it is not obvious to the untrained eye where the problem lies. Our SEN writing tutors will investigate to see what skills need more practice. It may be the case that just one writing skill needs help to develop. Sometimes a few skills need some extra help to develop good writing.

Techniques we use

Letter formation
Sentence construction
Grammar /punctuation

Where to start
Creative ideas
Hand dexterity
Hand to eye coordination

Working memory skills
Cognitive organisation
Processing skills

Our SEN writing tutors will assess what help is needed and support your child with being able to express themselves fully in their written work

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