Reading Tuition


SEN Reading Tutor & Tuition

Westcountry SEN reading tutors are equipped with specialist skills to help your child improve their reading and catch up to the level of their peers.

Whilst the mainstream way of teaching a child to read is currently phonic based, not all children can learn to read with phonics. At Westcountry SEN we know that using another strategy first or alongside phonics can kickstart the reading process.

Our  SEN reading Tutors will enable your child to gain reading fluency and comprehension skills by looking at what reading techniques work best with your child. Such as,

Phonemic awareness
Phonics based reading
Symbol recognition
Active reading skills

Active imagination reading
Non-word Syllable reading
Vocabulary building
Context reading

Decoding skills
Whole word reading
Picture punctuation reading
Reading to meaning skills

Get in touch to see how we can help kick start that reading process and help your child reach fluency.

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