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Of all the subjects Mathematics is one of the most exposing for students, which can make some students quickly think they are bad at it. It is a subject that can become very frustrating when students want to improve their grades, as these improvements can often seem out of reach.

It’s hard to imagine they could be just around the corner…

Mathematics is measured in schools in such a way that the student’s ability falls into either being right or wrong. However, underneath it all, there are lots of skills that can be practised to help the students. Often, students are actually closer to the answer than they think, a lot of people are better at maths than they realise.

A lot of students just need a few interventions to unlock their potential in the subject and our SEN  and dyslexia maths tutoring can help.

Understand the concepts at a deeper level
See how separate subjects really link together
Quickly grasp algebra with our visual way of teaching
Learn the mathematical methods in an individualised way that makes sense
Be able to recall the methods in exams
Understand how maths questions are worded
Be able to link the right methods to exam questions

Our SEN and dyslexia maths tutors and courses can help from early years which mainly involves learning the basics concepts, right through to higher GCSE level and getting the top grades.  We cater for all abilities including children with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

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