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SEN English Literature Tutor & Dyslexia Tuition

English literature requires in-depth critical and contextual thinking.

Students need to have advanced comprehension skills and to be able to read deeply for understanding. This includes explicit and implicit meanings, as well as the evaluative and analytical skills needed to do well in English Literature.

Our SEN and dyslexia English tutors in Blandford and Shaftesbury will help all students to obtain and enhance the skills needed for this subject, along with the essay skills required. Such as planning and structuring.

For exam preparation, our SEN English tutors will help students to fully understand what is being asked of them, and support to develop a deeper focus on structuring and formulating exam essays.
Students who need to learn key quotes,  are given simple memory techniques that will enable these quotes to be remembered and used freely in exams.

Our SEN English dyslexia tutors can support from early years through to A levels. Do get in touch if you would like our help.

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