Revision & Exam Techniques

Revising for exams can be a stressful time for some students if they are revising without a good revision strategy. Not only will the student be taking longer to learn the material, but the stress of not knowing how to revise can also seep into the revision process and make information harder to learn. In worse cases, it can put some students off from starting.

Our tutors will support with individualised revision skills such as:

Organising space and study areas
Making a suitable revision timetable
How to make good revision notes
Chunking information
How to make and use flash cards
Visual learning
Mind maps
Using mixed media
How to revise subjects that have no personal interest.

Exam skills and techniques can be supported once the subject material has been revised.
Our tutors will support all students to

Understand the mark scheme and how marks are allocated for each specific subject
Learn the process and keywords in essay questions
Learn how to get all the marks from each question
How to structure exam answers
Past papers

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