School Refusal

School refusal is where a child refuses to go to school or finds it’s difficult to stay at school. Perhaps your child becomes upset and is unable to go in, or they miss a lot of school days due to a vague illness or recurrent ‘tummy aches’ which medical practitioner cannot find a cause.

Some school refusal can occur due to social issues or emotional issues your child is currently struggling with, so feeling safer to stay at home. Other school refusal issues can be down to difficulty and anxiety with the schoolwork itself.

At Westcountry SEN we tutor children in such a way that works with their anxieties and worries, we never push a child further than they can go on any given day.

We can support your child to keep up with their schoolwork and catch up on missed sessions.

We can either support your child in your home, via online tuition or your child could attend one of our practice rooms which can often act as a bridge between home and school.

Get in touch if you would like us to help your child.

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