We work with many children who are mainstream education that have an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis.  Including Asperger’s syndrome or a demand avoidance profile.

We see each child as an individual and fully understand that any child with diagnosed or suspected spectrum disorders will have their own symptoms, behaviours and triggers.

How can we help?

Our tutors tailor your child’s tuition to meet their educational needs and to help support your child to achieve in their education.

We know the value of routine, so as with all our tuition we ensure your child has the same appointment time, with the same tutor on the same day of the week.

We support your child with their organisational skills so they can engage in their schoolwork.

We know the importance of your child needing to understanding why and the point to learning tasks.

We work with any anxiety your child might have at learning and look for the triggers. We aim to minimise ay distress in the learning environment, so your child is more relaxed to learn.

For children who have a pathological demand avoidant profile, we do not engage in any conflict or place demands on your child that can trigger anxiety. Instead, we offer choices to your child so they still learn with their peers but feel fewer demands upon them.

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