SATs 11+ 13+ Tuition

By the age of 11, children have their own internal worlds in how they see and judge themselves regarding their schoolwork and academic potential. They are self-assessing their ability all the time. In some cases, they are measuring their self-worth against this self-assessment.

Therefore, for some children, the SAT’S, 11+ and 13+ can cause a lot of stress which will impact on their overall performance and add to self-esteem issues.

However, having tutoring for SAT’s, 11+ or 13+ has received negative press in the past. This is because some tutoring can solely focus on teaching the child to pass exams. Which will cause even more negative self-worth issues in the long run as the child then struggles in their next academic year.

Our tutors do far more than teach children to pass exams, we teach them to thrive in their subjects and have the resilience to the negative pressures’ children can put on themselves.
Whether the child is wanting to do as well as their friends, wanting to get into a specific school or afraid of failing the exams, our tutors will provide deeper subject knowledge as well as resilience to negative self-worth.

We make sure that our tuition develops academic confidence and self-worth that travels with your child beyond their SAT’s, 11+ and 13+ tests.

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