Relationship Matters in Tutoring (Multiple Choice Assessment)

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Relationship Matters in Tutoring (Multiple Choice Assessment)


We all know that teachers need the right set of skills to teach a classroom. Aside from their actual teaching skills, they need skills in how to inspire, lead and manage groups of students. Their teacher training provides the foundational skills to work with children. What about 1:1? Will those same skills apply? We've all experienced that being with just one other person feels different to being in a group. For some people it feels more comfortable, for others it might feel more intense. There's no doubt about it, being 1:1 with someone is different to being in a group. It also takes a different set of skills to manage the 1:1 relationship. Tutors need a whole different tool kit. Here's why:

  • Students can hide their struggles and learning fears in a group. There is nowhere to hide in a 1:1
  • Students might open up about their academic worries in 1:1 relationship. How does the tutor know the best ways to manage these worries?
  • The tutoring feedback is more instant in a 1:1 so how does the tutor know they are opening the learning moments and not shutting them down?
  • Tutoring 1:1 has an emotional element that isn't as prominent in groups.
The course has been written using psychological research and contributions from child psychologists and counsellors who are highly skilled at building 1:1 relationships with children. At every step of the way, the research and findings have been applied to working 1:1 in education. This course is purpose designed for tutors and educators who want to bring out the best in their 1:1 students and help them to reach their full potential.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to build the best possible 1:1 relationship to foster learning.
  • Understand the potential for academic growth only the 1:1 relationship can provide.
  • Know how to help yourself and all students be comfortable in the 1:1 relationship.
  • Know how to engage the most difficult and challenging students.
  • Have new ideas about how to work with students who are difficult to teach.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of vulnerability and its impact.
  • Quickly build strong connections with students that make them receptive to your tutoring.
  • Wished you had taken this course as soon as you started tutoring.
This course will take roughly 10 hours to complete. This course will suit tutors working independently who want to enhance their skills. However, there are also sections that will suit tutors who are working with organisations. It will show tutors how to manage the complex relationships between students, clients and the organisation they work for.

Independent and employed tutors will gain the skills to manage all professional relationships encountered within the tutoring profession.

This course is broken down into 11 chapters, many of which contain links to multiple videos to aid understanding.

Chapter 1: Covers the magnitude of 1:1 and why it is different to classroom teaching.

Chapter 2: Covers the need to quickly establish trust and safety.

Chapter 3: Provides the skills to see and hear the student beyond their words.

Chapter 4: Provides fundamental listening skills and examples to follow.

Chapter 5: Gives skills and understanding for working with anxious and fearful students.

Chapter 6: Looks at the role of vulnerability and how it is a vital factor in any tutoring relationship.

Chapter 7: Looks at challenging behaviour and gives insight into how to defuse it.

Chapter 8: Looks deeper into the concept of unconditional positive regard.

Chapter 9: Looks at tutoring relationships in context, specifically managing the complex relationships between clients and the organisation you work for.

Chapter 10: Looks at how to get the maximin engagement and connection in the first lessons whilst assessing your students' academic needs.

Chapter 11: Is the final multiple-choice assessment.

This course has been designed to provide all the knowledge and skills to become more competent and confident when building powerfully facilitating relationships for working 1:1. This course is specifically written for tutors but will benefit all educators and professionals who work 1:1 with students.

If you are not happy with this course, you have a 30-day full refund window. We will provide you with 100% of your money back and you keep all course resources.

If you want to take ONE COURSE that will tach you everything you wanted to know about the relational skills required to successfully work 1:1 with students, this is the course to take.

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