How to Teach Spelling Without Using Phonics: A dyslexia Friendly Toolkit (multiple choice assessment)

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How to Teach Spelling Without Using Phonics: A dyslexia Friendly Toolkit (multiple choice assessment)


This course is the only course you will need to learn how to teach dyslexic children and adults how to spell if they are struggling with phonics.  

By the end of this course you will

  • Know how to teach spelling to children and adults in a way they can understand
  • Have a deeper grasp of how spelling works beyond phonics
  • Have new ideas about how to help those children who are considerably behind their peers
  • Have new skills to teach adults who have always struggled with spelling
  • Wish you had taken this course years ago

This course was written for tutors and educators who can see that teaching spelling through phonics is not working, but they have no idea what to do next. Educators who can see phonic learning consistently failing with some children know that these learners will leave school and not be able to spell. This course can change that direction and provide new strategies and ways of working, thinking and teaching spelling.

This in-depth course is broken into 7 chapters.

Chapters 1 and 2  will teach you how to spot new meanings and associations in the English language  that are often hidden by focusing on phonic sounds. Not only will you be able to spot these new meanings and associations, you will be able to use them to teach spelling in a way that will make more sense to dyslexic students.

Chapter 3 will give you insight and understanding about how children's self-belief  and identity can be shaped by not being able to spell. It will also provide insight into how these negative beliefs remain into adulthood. This chapter provides you with understanding on just how children and adults can be deeply affected and how to provide protective factors against life long negative feelings.

Chapter 4 and 5 will provide detailed knowledge on why spelling is so difficult for children and adults who have dyslexia. You will gain a detailed understanding of how our brains spell and why dyslexia makes spelling so difficult.

Chapter 6 provides you with multiple spelling techniques that incorporates a wealth of background research and theories. You will gain your own comprehensive toolkit to aid you with any struggling child or adult.

Chapter 7 discusses how to assess children and adults and how to know which spelling techniques to use and why.


There are short multiple choice quizzes throughout this course. The final assessment is also a multiple choice quiz.

This course is unique in that it combines cutting edge research and theories to provide you with a completely  different way of thinking about spelling instruction, and provides a whole new perspective on spelling when it comes to children and adults with dyslexia.

The tutors at Westcountry SEN are renowned for being able to help all people who struggle to spell become confident and fluent in their spelling. Now you can learn in the way the tutors learnt and see how they do it.

You will learn

  • A completely new way to approach spelling
  • A whole new toolkit to support even the most struggling learners
  • How to be more observant with types of spelling mistakes children and adults make
  • How to think like a Westcountry SEN tutor and help the most struggling learners
  • An approach that gives a greater confidence to leave phonics behind.
  • How to support dyslexic learners with more confidence

This course is designed to give you the all the foundations for building your own toolkit and being more competent and confident in tutoring spelling without using phonics. This course is specifically written for working with children and adults who have dyslexia. However, it will also support children and adults who have working memory issues or have auditory processing disorders.

If you are not happy with this course, you have a 30 day full refund window. We will provide you with 100% of your money back and you keep all course resources.

If you want to take ONE COURSE to teach you everything you wanted to know about spelling and dyslexia, this is the course to take.

Click the BUY COURSE button and pay securely through PayPal or card for your lifetime access to this amazing course.

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