Sammy Merry

About Sammy

Sammy has been working at Westcountry SEN for a couple of years now. She is exceptionally skilled at tutoring children who are anxious or nervous about their learning. Sammy has combined her graduate studies in psychology with Westcountry SEN’s training and manages to engage children who no longer believe they can succeed at school.

After leaving university, Sammy spent a considerable amount of time in other countries engaging disadvantaged children and running youth workshops. This passion for working with children continued with youth theatre workshops in North Dorset.  Whilst working in a school during the day and tutoring for us in the evening, Sammy is consistently dedicated to providing academic support to children who would otherwise be left behind.

Sammy mainly supports our younger students with Literacy and our older students with English. Sammy has had astounding success with all of her GCSE and IGCSE English students.

“Sammy did such a great job with my son. She had him writing a lot of sentences with no trouble, which is an achievement”!

Mrs Gibson, Poole

“We had a few issues with my son not wanting to do it to start with. However, Sammy was fantastic. So calm and kind and in the end enjoyed it so much! He is feeling really pleased that he overcame his fear and worry. He was worried it was going to be too hard. Please pass on my thanks to Sammy for being so great”.

Mrs Earl, Shaftesbury

“They said I was going to going to get a grade 3, that’s what all my tests said. Now I am going to get a grade 6. Sammy helped me so much. It all makes sense now”.

Student, Glastonbury




Reading, Writing and Spelling

English Language

Dyslexia Support, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE

English Literature

Dyslexia Support, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and GCSE


Early Years Intervention, Key stage 1, Key Stage 2,

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