Rachel Gosling

About Rachel

Rachel has 18 years of experience within education and teaching. From working with early years children through to late adolescents trying to achieve their GCSE’s, Rachel’s tutoring skills are packed with her experience.

What makes Rachel stand out as a tutor is not just her experience of classroom teaching, but her years of experience working with children on a 1:1 basis, especially focusing and engaging struggling learners. Her insight into the value and need for young children to build academic resilience has remained with her throughout her teaching training and her work with students.

Rachel gained a first-class honours degree in Education and still loves learning about children and their academic development to this day.

It was the difference Rachel was making to students on a 1:1 basis that encouraged her to leave classroom teaching and work full time with students who are struggling with school or who have been excluded. Rachel is a very popular tutor with both students and parents alike. She has that gifted touch of being able to engage with all students that work with her.

“Rachel has worked with my son over the past year both in-person and online through the lockdown. It is a testament to the quality of her tuition that my son has improved dramatically. His writing and his comprehension have lifted and he has enjoyed the sessions. Rachel is an excellent teacher, my son has retained her teaching and is now scoring higher grades in English and he is for the first time enthused about the subject.”    

“Rachel’s clearly got my son ‘sussed’ and very did so very quickly. He looks forward to her lessons which is the first time he’s looked forward to anything academic in 13 years of education! Rachel has made it grown up learning which is hard to do when he’s older but learning at a very young level. She also spends part of the lesson teaching something that he wants help with ie road signs for his driving test. He appreciates this and appears to not only like her but have a great respect for her. We had not tried a tutor before and whilst I think it has come at the right time in his life, we are delighted with Rachel and West Country SEN for managing to make something incredibly hard a pleasure for our son”.



Literacy Skills

Dyslexia Intervention, KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE

English Language

Year 7-11, GCSE/IGCSE



General Subject Tuition.


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