Geography Tuition

Geography teaches students about the Earth-based sciences, environmental issues and sustainability. It also provides a strong link between the natural and social sciences.

However, some students can find their geography hard as there are various skills required for this course. These skills need to combine to pass the subject and get high grades. Such as the technical skills needed for map reading and OS scales. The graphical skills and how all the data is represented, students not only need to be proficient in reading this graphical data but they need to understand it fully in order to analyse material and make inferences.

Some students struggle with the statistical elements of the course, especially the quantitative and qualitative parts.

Lastly, the essay writing component requires students to formulate enquiries and well-articulated arguments in essay writing.

Our geography tutors will ensure that students have all the skills needed to get the grades they want in this subject. Do get in touch if you would like our help.